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Tricky Fake Invoice Phishing Attack Uses Search to Deliver Malware

July 15th, 2024 Posted by Security & Surveillance, Small and Medium-Sized Businesses (SMBs), Technology 0 thoughts on “Tricky Fake Invoice Phishing Attack Uses Search to Deliver Malware”

“Heads Up! Think twice before clicking on that “invoice in your inbox! “

Glenn Baruck, Chicago Voice & Data

The latest phishing campaign, uncovered by security researchers, demonstrates a cunning abuse of Windows Search to distribute malicious software. “Trustwave SpiderLabs has detected a sophisticated malware campaign that leverages the Windows search functionality embedded in HTML code to deploy malware,” the researchers state.

This exploitation highlights the urgent need for vigilance and robust cybersecurity measures. In this blog post by Stu Sjouwerman for, Sjouwerman uncovers the mechanics of this alarming scheme and offers practical advice on protecting yourself and your organization from such threats.

As a KnowB4 partner, we can help you educate your team and keep you prepared and informed. Act now to learn how to identify and stop ransomware attacks before they wreak havoc on your network in this Ransomware Master Class from our Partner @KnowBe4.

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Are you prepared to recover from a ransomware attack?

July 1st, 2024 Posted by Small and Medium-Sized Businesses (SMBs), Technology, Telemarketing 0 thoughts on “Are you prepared to recover from a ransomware attack?”

“Learn how to protect your business!“
Glenn Baruck, eDot

From Healthcare providers to car dealerships, as we have seen in recent weeks, no one is immune from ransomware attacks. If you are a business owner or manager responsible for protecting your business, you must educate yourself and prepare to fight off and recover from a ransomware attack.

As a KnowB4 partner, we are here to help and want you to be informed and prepared. Act now to receive the most informative and complete hostage rescue manual from our partner @KnowBe4 to be prepared should it happen to you!   Download your copy today!

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