The ‘World’s Most Beautiful Data Center’ Is A Supercomputer Housed In A Church

February 12th, 2019 Posted by Security & Surveillance, Technology 0 thoughts on “The ‘World’s Most Beautiful Data Center’ Is A Supercomputer Housed In A Church”

“Divine knowledge? Possibly, but divine computing power that is for sure! If you love computers and architecture, you have to check this out.”

– Todd Hepler, Chicago Voice & Data

There’s a lot of high-powered computing going on these days, but we are willing to wager none is at a higher power than the number crunching taking place at Torre Girona Chapel at the Polytechnic University of Catalonia in Barcelona, Spain. From the outside, Torre Girona Chapel looks like any one of the thousands of old churches located throughout Spain, with a large cross mounted on the roof and a rose window perched above the entrance. Inside is where the real excitement is going on. A shockingly beautiful supercomputer resides inside of the innocent looking chapel that has a peak computing capacity of 11 thousand trillion operations per second (11.15 petaflops)!

Heralded as the “Most beautiful data center in the world,” the MareNostrum supercomputer came online in 2005. It is one of the most powerful supercomputers in the world and is super beautiful to see.

Learn more about this modern-day marvel of divine computing in this article from Motherboard.

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11 Tips for When You’re Moving to a New Office Space

February 7th, 2019 Posted by Security & Surveillance, Technology 0 thoughts on “11 Tips for When You’re Moving to a New Office Space”

“Are you moving your office soon? If yes, then these tips and a good plan are the perfect places to begin.”

– Todd Hepler, Chicago Voice & Data

Moving to new office space is an involved process and there’s no such thing as “Winging it” when it comes to such a critical event. You need to plan your move and figure out how to pack up while keeping everything up and running until the last possible minute. There is a lot to think about and without a plan; you might be set-up for disaster. This article by Laura Mueller, for, is an excellent start to the thought process and planning of your move. BTW, as Laura suggests, “Don’t forget I.T. One of the biggest complications inherent in moving to new office space is disconnecting and reconnecting all of your tech.” Read on for more of Laura’s insights and tips.

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I’ve Been Hacked! Or Not.

February 6th, 2019 Posted by Technology 0 thoughts on “I’ve Been Hacked! Or Not.”

“The word Hack is often used a bit loosely in articles, blog posts and by companies who think they are a victim. The good news is that most of the time it is not true. However, knowing if you’ve been hacked and how to better prevent it from happening is powerful information.”

– Glenn Baruck, eDot

Here at eDot one of the most common support tickets we receive is a client who writes, “Help, I’ve been hacked!” We receive one or more of these emergency tickets from clients every day. Were they actually hacked? That is the first question we investigate. In our client’s mind, yes. The second and possibly, most important question is, “What does hacked actually mean?” That is where our investigation begins and where the opportunity to educate our clients presents itself.

Actually being hacked is a frightening proposition and can be devastating for your company and potentially your clients. Knowing if you have truly been successfully hacked and how hackers can gain access to your system is critical in protecting your business and preserving your peace of mind.

This original white paper, the second in a series written by Steve Jaffe, Co-founder of eDot (A Managed Services Provider), will help you understand if you were really hacked and will enlighten you to the critical steps necessary to protect your company from the possibility of it indeed happening.

The good news…only 1 in 100 support tickets we receive results in us confirming that indeed our client has been hacked. The better news…being better informed and prepared can greatly reduce the risk of your company becoming the victim of a real hack.

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As many as 11,543 Microsoft employees got swept up in a reply-all email apocalypse

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“Are you a Reply-All abuser? When it comes to Reply-All, just don’t do it!”

– Glenn Baruck, The eDot Family of Companies

Oh well, sometimes even the best-laid plans go awry. Recently, Microsoft found itself swept up in a reply-all email apocalypse, with thousands of hapless employees caught in the unwanted thread and receiving frequent updates, including ones that were irksome and others that were absurd. In a video trying to help his colleagues break free, one Microsoft employee said the email had ensnared as many as 11,543 Microsofties. As this article by Matt Weinberger for Business Insider points out, “It all started when an employee sent a message to everyone who helps manage Microsoft’s GitHub account, we hear.” Ironically, we hear that this original message was trying to tell everyone in the organization how to change their GitHub settings to get fewer notifications.

It is not the first time for Microsoft, read on to learn about the software giants’ recent and previous transgressions.

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