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How to Create a Signature Brand Story

"Author David Aaker demonstrates the value of illustrating with words. Though people respond visually, writing that shares stories can seal the deal." - Mark Ingraham, Image Perspective The following article written by: David Aaker, AMD Enduring Relevance + Capacity to Inspire + Provide Direction = A Signature Story Stories are a hot topic in marketing because they…
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Physical Security Procedures for Small Companies

"Today every size company needs sound security procedures." - Todd Hepler, Digitek Security The following article written by: Shelley Frost,, Small Business Physical security concerns aren't just for large companies. A small business needs a solid plan to protect the physical assets from both employees and outsiders. The security plan should also focus on keeping all…
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Managed IT Services Can Help Small Businesses Boost Productivity

"Good insight on the value of IT staff augmentation. If you can outsource the care and feeding of the infrastructure to a trusted partner, you can allow your internal talent to focus on the business technology initiatives.">- Patrick Torney – eDot The following article written by: John Chancellor, BizTech One company I know has found…
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Color Psychology-Marketing Strategies For Social Media

"In this popular article, Wade does a great job of expanding this seemingly simple topic. And with no less than 13 linked articles and infographics, it's a compact example of how to spread your reach and add value online." - Mark Ingraham, Image Perspective The following article written by:  Wade Harman, 92.6% of people…
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