About Us


The eDot Family of Companies
is different and we are different for a reason. A family of companies, The eDot Family is not like the typical Private Equity Firm or Incubator with many individual silos. Here at eDot we are a close-knit group of companies, all with our own areas of expertise and experience, together under one roof. We work collectively to provide essential business services with one interest in mind, our clients’ success.

Our mission is to ‘Provide Relief’ to our clients. We have a wide spectrum of in-house subject matter experts who have the ability to diagnose complex technical business issues and implement tailored solutions that simplify our client’s day at the office.

As a collective we enjoy working together, we push and inspire each other, and we have not seen our model for success duplicated anywhere. Our companies have common ownership and direction through eDot Holdings, that our special sauce, a common direction with common goals for our clients’ and the eDot Family itself.

Located in Rolling Meadows Illinois, the eDot Family provides unequaled service throughout Chicago-land and the surrounding area. Our facilities include a Secure Data Center, Design Studio, IT Help Desk and a World Class call center.

Welcome to the family. We look forward to working with you and playing a key role in the future growth and success of your business.


Steve Jaffe, Principal

Steve is responsible for overseeing all the financial aspects of eDot Holdings and its companies. Steve is the primary contact for all Acquisitions, Analysis and Due Diligence. His background includes over 25 years of hands-on Executive, Management and Consulting experience with companies in a variety of industries and sizes.

His eclectic variety of businesses, experiences and clients has allowed Steve to work with companies during both good and challenging times to increase revenue, improve the bottom line, streamline operations, solidify internal technology and reorganize human capital to best achieve corporate goals.

Primary Industry Experience:

  • Technology
  • Marketing & Branding
  • Insurance
  • Distribution
  • Real Estate

Company Size Experience:

  • Employee Count: 10 to 125
  • Revenue: $2 Million to $100 Million


Steve is also a Board Member of Somercor 504 a non-profit company certified by the SBA to provide 504 loans in Illinois.

Melvin Thoede, Principal

Melvin Thoede has over 20 years of hands-on Executive, Management and Consulting experience focused on delivering practical solutions. His down-to-earth and rolled up sleeves approach allows Melvin to work with businesses ranging from startup operations to established companies during both good and challenging times. He designs implements solutions which increase employee production while fully utilizing and leveraging current and future technology. The effect of his approach helps businesses improve their bottom line, streamline their operations and reinforce reorganized human capital to best achieve corporate goals. Simply put, the greatest value Melvin brings to businesses is his ability to deliver plain-speak technical advice to address whatever real-life challenges they face. He will not consult for the sake of consulting. Rather than offering broad-based recommendations based on a preset agenda, Melvin focuses on the immediate client challenge. This can be as simple as replacing the part and not the machine, or rebuilding rather than purchasing new equipment. His reputation for integrity and innovation is not based on technology. It comes from his willingness to always place the needs of his clients before his own.

Melvin’s combination of traditional and nontraditional consulting approach with his clients enables him to be extremely effective with his solutions. His unique blend of Strategic, Internal Operations, and Technology expertise is the direct result of good old fashion hard work and his ability to listen to his clients. Leveraging the team of experts he has assembled, Melvin is able to support or augment the technology, design, sales, and disaster planning needs for any client he serves. His ability to adapt his approach to different operating environments comes from his extensive experience serving a variety of industries, including insurance, education, technology, and distribution.


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