“Unveiling the Top Text Scams of 2022: What You Need to Know”

June 27th, 2023 Posted by Life and Culture, Security & Surveillance, Small and Medium-Sized Businesses (SMBs), Technology 0 thoughts on ““Unveiling the Top Text Scams of 2022: What You Need to Know””

“Keep your guard up; texts are also not always what they seem!” 

Glenn Baruck, DigiTek Security

As technology becomes more sophisticated, so do scammers’ methods to exploit unsuspecting victims. In 2022, text-based scams reached new heights, leaving countless individuals (and companies) vulnerable to financial loss and identity theft. This article by Emma Fletcher for ftc.gov/news delves into the intriguing insights provided by the Federal Trade Commission’s (FTC) data spotlight on the year’s most prevalent text scams. By understanding the tactics employed by scammers and learning how to spot these deceptive messages, individuals and businesses can better protect themselves from falling victim to their nefarious schemes.

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