Mitigating Mistakes: The door propping dilemma

March 11th, 2020 Posted by Security & Surveillance, Small and Medium-Sized Businesses (SMBs) 0 thoughts on “Mitigating Mistakes: The door propping dilemma”

“All it takes is one person who lacks diligence and suddenly, your entire company is exposed.”

– Glenn Baruck, DigiTek Security

It’s an age-old problem that does not seem to go away. Your company spends thousands on sophisticated access control for your building or offices to protect your assets and your team members. Then, someone decides to take the lazy route and your entire system is defeated by a small wooden wedge, a rock, or a piece of wire. In this article, author Paul Timm, for Security Infowatch, shares a bit of insight into this nagging problem and a little common sense advice on how to mitigate the issue.

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