9 Common Dorm Room Tech Troubles & How to Fix Them

September 4th, 2019 Posted by Technology 0 thoughts on “9 Common Dorm Room Tech Troubles & How to Fix Them”

“New surroundings, meeting new people, academic challenges all await your student at school. The last thing they need is a dorm room with tech troubles!.”

– Glenn Baruck, Chicago Voice & Data

Going away to school can be stressful and most students rely heavily on technology for research, viewing schedules, assignments and keeping in touch with family and friends. If your student is living in the dorms, the chances are that their dorm room technology has a bit to be desired vs. what they are used to at home. Dorm room tech troubles can increase already high-stress levels. Don’t worry, many of these tech issues can be fixed with a little knowledge from the experts. Look at this informative article by Tim Fisher for Lifewire to gain some helpful insights. In the article, Fisher looks at 9 common dorm room tech troubles and provides excellent DYI fix ideas for all of them.

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