Image Perspective helps the Kramer Family provide smiles for children with cancer

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“It’s a WordPress website. And it’s so much more. A portal through which Scott, Pammy and Maddie’s dream is fulfilled.”

– Mark Ingraham, Image Perspective

Giving a loving family the platform to make a difference.


As a young Chicago couple tackling careers in business, they had each met several leaders exhibiting courage and strength. And then, they experienced the life and energy of their daughter Maddie.

After a wrenching journey of love, support and learning, Scott and Pammy Kramer set out to share their story, raise funds, and provide a unique service of hope for children facing similar situations.

Scott and Pammy want children facing cancer care to receive a Smile Pack. A bright and playful backpack full of involving fun and music.

But where to begin? Their efforts must:

  • Build awareness of new foundation.
  • Share Maddie’s story of courage and spirit.
  • Spotlight the specific contribution that The Maddie Kramer Foundation
    brings to pediatric cancer patients and hospital floors.
  • Inspire Donations and Attract Partnerships


How to establish a professional and unique presence for an organization that does not exist.

Name, Logo, Fonts, Colors, Graphics, Social Media, and the obligatory website were all a must to establish their new brand.

This important website launch had to demonstrate the joy that the Kramer’s had uncovered in their journey with Maddie, and her battle with cancer. A journey that inspired a mission to help others in similar situations.

“The Kramers happen to be gifted storytellers. They are instinctively suited to share their own story in inspiring ways. We helped them design and build their key online touchpoint; a website and brand presence that makes their new foundation real.”

The Process

The Kramers and Image Perspective built from the ground up. Naming the organization and Designing the Logo was first. Next came Icons and symbols. These elements fed the development, through agency and client teamwork, of an online home that is bright, optimistic and encouraging.  And using their referral connections, they were able to source and create the materials and items needed for their Smile Packs.

The new website brings the commitment of The Maddie Kramer Foundation to life. It is home to some of the inspirational images that the Kramer’s had captured of Maddie during her battle with cancer, and a hub where they can share their story with the world.

Driving traffic to a website is key for community and Google awareness, and the Kramer’s have an excellent head start on this via their embracing of social media.

Blogging, Authoring a Book, and frequent Social Media Posts built anticipation for their launch and fuel growing awareness in the days and weeks after. No doubt they will continue to flourish in their desire to help children and families.

Results, Return on Investment and Future Plans

Following the launch of the new site, Dancing While Cancering – The Maddie Kramer Foundation are now tackling their Year-One Goals.

They have specific accomplishments in their sights, and a new forum to help spread their message of hope. They now have an online vehicle for all future fundraising and PR/communications as they continue forward on their mission to touch children in need of support.

“We were able to launch our not-for-profit with a high level of polish, and that has helped us build hospital relationships that will bring joy to children. We continue to be blown away by the final product.”

Scott & Pammy, The Maddie Kramer Foundation
Dancing While Cancering

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