3 Trends in Perimeter Security

October 4th, 2018 Posted by Security & Surveillance 0 thoughts on “3 Trends in Perimeter Security”

“Enhanced perimeter security can prove critical in an active breach situation. As we have always known, necessity is the mother of invention, and that adage certainly applies here as well.”

– Todd Hepler, Digitek Security

Tim A. Scally wrote the following article for SDM.

When it comes to securing your premises, new dangers and improving technologies are working in harmony to help bring about positive changes to perimeter security. From more highly fortified gates and initial doorways to an increase in the use of biometrics, layering is just one of the trends is taking place at facilities around the world.

In this recent article from SDM Magazine, author Tim A. Scally provides a detailed look at the top trends in perimeter security and tells how they are being utilized to keep people and property safer in this day and age of increased safety threats.

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