Microsoft Office Macros Still No. 1 Malware Delivery

September 19th, 2018 Posted by Technology 0 thoughts on “Microsoft Office Macros Still No. 1 Malware Delivery”

“Microsoft Office users stay on your toes! According to recent studies, Office documents are the delivery mechanism of choice for malicious macros used to infect your computers.”

– Glenn Baruck, eDot Solutions

Kacy Zurkus wrote the following article for Info Security Magazine.

Listen up Microsoft users, according to a recent article written by Kacy Zurkus for Infosecurity Group, Microsoft Office documents accounted for the delivery of nearly half of all malicious macros in August 2018, according to Cofense. A recent blog post found that the macro remains the email attachment of choice for delivering malicious payloads. Of all the mechanisms analyzed, 45% of attackers used these documents to deliver malicious macros, including Geodo, Chanitor, AZORult, and GandCrab.

According to researchers, the macro is a top choice because it either is enabled on a machine or only requires a single mouse click to be enabled. According to the experts at Cofense, this makes it simple to launch the first stage of an infection chain. Read the rest of this brief but informative article to find out more.

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