Your Cameras Were Hacked? It’s YOUR Fault!

July 19th, 2018 Posted by Security & Surveillance 0 thoughts on “Your Cameras Were Hacked? It’s YOUR Fault!”

“If your security cameras are connected to the internet they can be hacked as easily as any other device. Proper installation and diligence in security are critical to keeping out unwanted viewers and your other networks safe as well.”

– Todd Hepler, Digitek Security

Tom Cook wrote the following article for Security Today.

IP cameras are connected to the internet and give business owners the flexibility to check on things or update device software remotely, freeing up time and valuable resources. However, this also exposes IP camera networks to malicious hackers and unwanted viewers unless you take the proper precautions. In this article, Tom Cook takes a closer look at the problem and who is responsible for protecting against these threats.

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