Fingerprints, Facial Scans Becoming More Commonplace At Airports

May 2nd, 2018 Posted by Security & Surveillance 0 thoughts on “Fingerprints, Facial Scans Becoming More Commonplace At Airports”

“Let’s face it; it looks like biometrics are the future of security identification for air travel.”

– Todd Hepler, Digitek Security

The following article was written by: Security Info Watch

If you have not been to an airport lately, you may not be aware that change is in the air (some pun intended). Recently, companies including Atlanta-based Delta Air lines have been gradually adding biometric technology to streamline the cumbersome ID, security, and boarding pass juggling act by implementing biometric fingerprint and facial scans.

In this recent article from “Security InfoWatch,” KELLY YAMANOUCHI shares some of the latest on the current and future use of biometrics as airport navigation and security continue to evolve. Spend a few minutes to see what’s happening so you look like a savvy traveler when you take off on your next trip.

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