How to Keep Up With the Rise of the Visual Internet

February 26th, 2018 Posted by Marketing 0 thoughts on “How to Keep Up With the Rise of the Visual Internet”

“In advertising design, the power of simplicity remains a universal truth.”

– Mark Ingraham, Image Perspective

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It’s a visual world out there and as a marketer, the challenge of getting readers to actually read is greater than ever (we’re actually happy you’re reading this!). Check out the excellent infographic that demonstrates the astounding visual evolution of the internet and how content has dramatically changed over a relatively short period of history.

A couple of highlights:

  • According to that infographic, articles with an image every 75-100 words get twice as many shares as those with fewer images.
  • It takes only 13 milliseconds to process an image, which means that writers can have a hard time keeping readers’ attention when there is so much visual content to stimulate those readers.
  • Video usage online is on the rise increasing, as is the use of virtual and augmented reality.

To see more about our visual online world, check out the infographic for yourself.

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