Fake Google Play Security Apps Harvest User Info

February 7th, 2018 Posted by Technology 0 thoughts on “Fake Google Play Security Apps Harvest User Info”

“Look out; hackers are getting more inventive in ways to infiltrate smartphones.”

– Rajiv Khanna, PPIC Software Solutions

The following article written by: Info Security Group

Buyer beware! Security experts have warned users to beware of fake apps on Google Play posing as security tools after finding 36 such applications on the popular marketplace. The apps in question were given names like Security Defender, Security Keeper and Smart Security, presumably in a bid to win the confidence of netizens browsing the Google app store.

These fake apps are actually harmful malware and can cause headaches for all types of smartphone users. Learn more about this recent trend in this brief but insightful article by Phil Muncaster.

Rajiv Khanna – PPIC Software Solutions

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