Monthly Archives: January 2018

6 Common Building Security Mistakes That You Must Avoid

"One of my favorite articles is worth another look in securing your commercial building." - Todd Hepler, Digitek Security The following article was written by: Security Magazine Prudent security measures are always timely and this article written by Jonathan Rowntree from 2016 is still on-point when it comes to commercial building security. One of the more…
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Top 10 SaaS implementation considerations

"With SaaS options infiltrating nearly all industries and companies large and small, here is a good list of things to think about as you move one big step closer to the cloud." - Patrick Torney,  eDot The following article written by: TechTarget SaaS options are available in almost every industry while becoming more attractive to…
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Plan to Keep Your Small Business Running After a Disaster

"Good reminder for what is an all-too-often overlooked task. Rely on us to protect your data, but don’t forget to take the steps necessary to protect yourself!" - Patrick Torney, eDot The following article written by: SmallBiz Ahead Disaster can strike at any time and can have devastating effect on your business if you are…
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