This Netflix-flavoured phishing attack targets your business emails

November 10th, 2017 Posted by Technology 0 thoughts on “This Netflix-flavoured phishing attack targets your business emails”

“Phishing attacks continue to expose vulnerabilities in unsuspecting employees. Please remind your users to be vigilant, and exercise caution with their clicking this holiday season.”

– Patrick Torney, eDot

The following article written by: ZD Net

Now is not the time to let your guard down, one of the latest phishing attacks targeting your business emails is a Netflix-flavoured attack. These phishing emails, designed by attackers to look like they are from familiar brands, work to take advantage of people using corporate email addresses for consumer services.

This recent phishing campaign sees cybercriminals sending messages claiming to be from Netflix, targeting business email accounts in an attack, which, if successful, could provide hackers with the login credentials required to access corporate services. In addition, there is also the prospect of the attackers cross-referencing a successfully phished corporate account with personal emails and, if the same password is shared across multiple accounts, breaking into those too.

This Netflix style attack is extremely dangerous and was uncovered by researchers at PhishMe. Read more for more additional details.

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