Microsoft Windows Defender Security Center Review & Rating

November 3rd, 2017 Posted by Technology 0 thoughts on “Microsoft Windows Defender Security Center Review & Rating”

“Windows Defender, is it the answer to your computer security?”

– Rajiv Khanna, PPIC Software Solutions

The following article written by: PC Mag

Good information from the experts on the antivirus now built into Windows.

In its last big update, Windows built-in antivirus gained new responsibilities and a grand new name: Microsoft Windows Defender Security Center. Windows Defender differs from other free antivirus protection in that there’s no installation required; it is already present. Therefore, thanks to Microsoft, if you do not have any other form of malware protection, or your antivirus expires, Windows Defender will step in do its best to keep you safe. That said, this review brings to light insightful information that you need to know before entrusting the security of your computer just to Windows Defender.

Rajiv Khanna – PPIC Software Solutions

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