How Phone Calls Can Help Insurance Marketers Increase ROI

October 5th, 2017 Posted by Telemarketing 0 thoughts on “How Phone Calls Can Help Insurance Marketers Increase ROI”

“The “old tech” telephone is still a pretty effective tool when it comes to closing sales.“

– Bill Kerth, Movere Teleservices

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Let’s be real: Nobody likes shopping for or buying insurance. Buying insurance is a reminder to consumers of what can go wrong in life, and complicated products do not make choosing the right product and easy task.

These are just two of the challenges insurance marketers have to face however, they are also two reasons marketers need to make the purchase process as simple as possible for prospective customers.

Unbelievably, in today’s digital world, the “old fashioned” telephone can help make the buying process smoother and give insurance companies an opportunity to close more business. This infographic by DialogTech brings to light some very insightful info on customer behavior like; “Calls convert customers 10-15 times more than the Web and although 74% of insurance buyers research their purchase online, only 25% actually make that purchase on a computer” and highlights how insurance marketers can get the most out of incoming calls.

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