7 ways to make videos that don’t break your budget

September 8th, 2017 Posted by Marketing 0 thoughts on “7 ways to make videos that don’t break your budget”

“You can make engaging videos without a Fortune 500 budget.”

– Mark Ingraham, Image Perspective

The following article written by: B2B Marketing

In recent conversations with B2B marketers, when asked, “What is one resource you wish you had as part of your in-house team?” the answer was clear. The common theme was having someone who could produce videos quickly, primarily to add to the content they are posting on social media channels. Why is this the case? They are seeing videos generate increased organic search traffic, increased click-throughs, increased social shares, and higher conversion rates.

Many B2B marketers would love to have a budget that allows them to create videos that look like they came out of a Hollywood studio. Perhaps high quality, high-production videos are the way to go, but you may discover there are other video formats that are worth exploring for your B2B brand.

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