What is the Difference Between Telemarketing & Telesales?

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“Know the difference between these two and be more effective.“

– Bill Kerth, Movere Teleservices

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Though they are two terms, which are confused and interchanged, there is a stark difference between the notions of telesales and telemarketing.

Telemarketing is an overarching term used the describe the process of using direct communication to engage with your customer base, learn about them and in turn allow them to learn about you. Telemarketing is a whole campaign, spreading the vision of your business and ensuring its attributes are made aware to potential or existing clients.

Telesales is purely the function of approaching customers directly, possibly by using the information gleaned from your Telemarketing approach. Telesales has one simple function: closing a deal.

A strong Telemarketing campaign can provide a wealth of new marketing channels and potential customer bases, but effective, professional Telesales operatives are still required to close those sales and generate business. The in-house generated data provided by your Telemarketing campaign can provide focused and defined information for your sales team to employ, but a sensitive, persuasive Telesales staff are vital to reduce customer annoyance and bolster conversion rates.

The question for many is “Which is better?” To find out and learn more about the differences between these often confused terms read on and enjoy!

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