4 Reasons Why Your Sales Call Will Fail

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“Selling is an integral piece of being a small business owner, embrace it to succeed.“

– Bill Kerth, Movere Teleservices

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Making sales calls is one of the inescapable responsibilities of being a business owner. Yet, many business owners are not good salespeople; do not want to make sales calls or are making sales calls the wrong way.

Remember that the initial sales call is not the end-all, be-all of your sales effort; it is just the start of the process. You do not have to close the deal on the first call; you just need to peel back a few layers of the onion to identify interest and opportunity. From there you can try to get your prospect to agree to take a second call, schedule a meeting/demo, or commit to whatever the next step of your sales process might be.

To have a chance at success, every sales call needs to have a specific goal in mind. Likewise, before making the call consider, are you sure that you are talking to the right person at the company that you are calling? If not, do not just launch into your sales script – ask questions to make sure you are talking to the right decision maker that you actually need to reach. Interestingly, often getting the right person on the phone is a more complex and difficult process than ultimately making the sales call itself.

If you believe in your business, and you want your business to succeed, you must plan time to make sales calls and to keep improving your presentation skills. One of the ways you can get better is to avoid the four sales call mistakes outlined in this article.

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