Why brands should embrace UGC as part of their marketing strategy

April 6th, 2017 Posted by Marketing 0 thoughts on “Why brands should embrace UGC as part of their marketing strategy”

“In B2B, many websites trumpet client / customer testimonials, but rarely bring these statements to life in other media. That’s just the beginning of what User Generated Content can look like.”

– Mark Ingraham, Image Perspective

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User-Generated Content is the rising star in integrated, multi-channel marketing in 2017. UGC includes any story or piece of content created by a person about a brand that they share with their networks. The fact is, user-generated content about brands is being created and shared by their customers, whether those brands or consumers recognize it or not, the key is finding a way to integrate it into your marketing program. “Marketers can now usher in a new era of customer-centric marketing where consumers drive the brand’s message,” says Peter Cassidy, co-founder of Stackla. Why should your brand implement UGC? Simply stated, UGC is ideal for any content marketing strategy. The users of your brand create the content anyway, and if you’re not curating it and showcasing your customers, you’re missing out on brand equity.

Using UGC to create brand advocacy is commonplace today for a majority of major brand names. If you’re in doubt about the effectiveness of fostering brand advocacy, just think about a company called GoPro and the brand equity they continue to build with the thousands of videos they share from their brand advocates.

UGC enables you to enjoy the benefits of brand advocacy by making it easy for your customers to share what they love about your brand with the world. 2017 is shaping up to be the year that brands allow their customers to be the voice of their brand.

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