Why Strong Brands Are Emotional Not Transactional

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“Excellent insight on the power of emotional branding.”

– Glenn Baruck, The eDot Family of Companies

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Transactional brands offer the right product at the right price at the right time. People pay a fair price, they are not particularly loyal, and the relationship is completely rational.

Emotional brands, on the other hand, create irrational relationships-irrational in the most positive ways. They generate irrational enthusiasm. They charge irrational prices. They have customers who ignore the competition. They have evangelists who proselytize with clothing, online reviews and impassioned conversations around the dinner table.

While rational brands purchase 30-second interruptions and hope to God that somebody actually watches one, while emotional brands like Yeti, can brand with a series of videos that extoll the virtues of outdoor adventures ranging from kayaking to fly-fishing. Passionate fans of Yeti and these activities are mesmerized for minutes at a time by these videos. Yet the only time the Yeti brand is clearly displayed is at the very end of the video on the hat of a competitor who passes out in the grass after the event.

That’s the power brands have when they shift from a rational, transactional relationship to an emotional relationship. Because of this power, irrational brands are popping up in the most surprising of categories.

Looking back on the last 100 years of advertising literature, most people consider brands a promise or a story. The audience knows that if the brand understands them at a fundamental level, then it’s a brand they can have a relationship with.

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