How B2B Telemarketing Can Increase your Software Brand’s Reach and ROI

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Telemarketing can seem like a leap of faith, and nowhere is this truer than in the software industry, where every day is a constant battle to get your name heard in the mass of businesses and brands.

Along with sector jargon and acronyms galore, B2B software telemarketing can be a huge obstacle for some. You’ve been on the receiving end of B2B telemarketing before, and were immediately annoyed that they had interrupted your time for something you didn’t ask for, frustrated at their lack of product knowledge and eventually you just hung up the phone when they refused to accept no as an answer. This is not uncommon with B2B telemarketing, and this perception has led people to lose faith in the strategy when it comes to generating leads for software companies.

If executed professionally, telemarketing will increase your leads and create positive and lasting relationships with your prospective software clients. This is historically where B2B telemarketing falls short in generating brand awareness and is one area in particular where software companies can build on their B2B communications. In B2B telemarketing; companies that don’t put much thought into their telemarketing campaigns or their phone operators’ skillsets usually experience poor results. Used correctly, B2B telemarketing can bring in legions of leads, which through careful communications become fertile prospects.

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