7 Reasons Why You Can’t Ignore Door Access Control

December 20th, 2016 Posted by Security & Surveillance 0 thoughts on “7 Reasons Why You Can’t Ignore Door Access Control”

“The Benefits Of Electronic Access Control Are Hard To Ignore.”

– Todd Hepler, Digitek Security

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While traditional locks and keys are by far the predominant way to gain access to a company office building, more businesses are turning to key cards and electronic badge systems to grant access to their employees – with good reason. If you’ve been kicking around the idea of installing an electronic access control system for your office or building and need a little reinforcement, well, it’s hard to ignore the huge benefits listed below.

Duplication is far more difficult with electronic, keyless entry.

Anyone can run down to the hardware store and have a copy of a key made. Although some keys are made with instructions not to duplicate, there are certainly ways around those guidelines – especially if your uncle got a certificate in lock-smithing while he was doing time in state prison. Duplicating an electronic key-card, however, is far more difficult and most people simply do not have access to the technology that makes this kind of duplication possible. This makes electronic key cards far more secure than typical lock-and-key entry.

Changing the locks becomes irrelevant.

When all users requiring access are managed electronically, the need to periodically change the lock in order to keep your office or building secure is completely eliminated. Users or employees who have resigned or been terminated simply have their key card revoked and they are no longer able to access the building (or a particular area of a building) – and the premises remains secure. Deactivating a key card takes seconds, and it doesn’t require the services of a locksmith or technician.

Single key entry to all vital areas

Instead of having a huge, uncomfortable key chain to access various parts of the building, one high-tech key card can do it all – and access can be tailor-made to suit the needs and access requirements of individual management staff and employees. If additional or unique access becomes required in the daily job function of a particular individual, it can be done in mere moments – and causes a lot less headaches for the employer and the employee.

Downloadable history and viewing

Administrators of the system are capable of viewing access history with simply the push of a button. This allows them to spot small problems before they inevitably turn into big problems, and immediate actions can be taken to nip unwanted behaviors in the bud. This kind of information can be carefully tracked or monitored for reporting purposes or future problem resolution in a fraction of the time required for traditional reports.

Fully customizable and user-friendly

Since electronic access cards are managed and programmed in an electronic database, each user can quickly and easily customize the interface to suite their own individual needs, and managers can create profiles that make day-to-day functions far easier to manage. Entry can be implemented per door or per user or administrators can customize the interface to fit their own needs at any given time while still enjoying the freedom to change them whenever necessary. It’s really great stuff!

Grant Remote Access

Remote locations don’t have to wait for an employee to come down and open the door to vendors or technicians requiring access. Centralized administrators can open the door remotely, granting access to those that need it with ease. This added flexibility is invaluable in time-management where every second counts and no one has the time to play doorman to vendors or remote employees.

Electronic Access Saves Time AND Space

Since badges can be easily stored in a pocket or wallet and generally don’t take up a lot of room, employees can save the hassle of huge, bulky key rings and since badges can be easily stored, they’re a lot easier to keep track of. Employees don’t have to worry about finding the right key on a huge ring which means that they can focus on the important things – like getting the job done right and efficiently without wasting a lot of time trying to gain access to their workspace. Sounds silly, but it all adds up.

Hopefully the seven reasons above are compelling enough to make you aware of the advantages of implementing an access-control system in your building. MyOffice specializes in access control and would be more than happy to consult with you about your needs.

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