Monthly Archives: November 2016

4 Factors Driving Brand Relevance

"Is your brand still relevant? All brands eventually face the question." - Mark Ingraham, Image Perspective The following article written by: Paul Friederichsen, Branding Strategy Insider An agency creative director once shared with me the three essentials for a good concept: 1) It must be original, 2) It should be memorable and 3) It absolutely has…
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"As all things technology eventually trickle down to the SMB space, so too have fairly sophisticated, often personalized phishing attacks. The past success of these scams in the Fortune 500 space have arrived in force to the target-rich SMB market.” - Patrick Torney – eDot The following article written by: J.P. Morgan It’s a typical…
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Old Tech Can Create New Security Woes

"Life cycle management is the easiest thing to design, but often times the hardest to implement and adhere to over time. Unfortunately today the impact on the company is no longer limited to performance.” - Patrick Torney – eDot The following article written by: John P. Mello Jr., Tech News World "Patch your systems in…
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