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Colonel Calling: Now There’s a KFC Smartphone in China

"Branding Power, the Colonel is HUGE in China!" - Glenn Baruck, The eDot Family of Companies The following article written by: Creativity KFC branding continues to be hot in China. For their 30th anniversary in China, the chicken chain is celebrating by releasing a shiny, fire engine red, limited edition smartphone with Colonel Sanders' face on…
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What is the Difference Between Telemarketing & Telesales?

“Know the difference between these two and be more effective.“ - Bill Kerth, Movere Teleservices The following article appears in, MarketLocation Though they are two terms, which are confused and interchanged, there is a stark difference between the notions of telesales and telemarketing. Telemarketing is an overarching term used the describe the process of using direct…
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Are Americans Ever Free From Work Email?

"Do We Americans Ever REALLY Stop Working?" - Glenn Baruck, The eDot Family of Companies The following article written by: MarketingProfs Thought-provoking info-graphic on work emails in America. Most Americans are dealing with work emails after office hours, including checking their inboxes on weekends and while on vacation, according to recent research from Reachmail. The report…
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This Is What Works in Facebook Headlines: The 20 Most Effective Phrases

"These Facebook Insights Will Make You A Better Marketer." - Mark Ingraham, Image Perspective The following article written by: MarketingProfs As a prudent social media marketer, you are regularly posting articles on Facebook. However, do you know which phrases in headlines are most effective in encouraging people to engage with your articles? To find out, BuzzSumo…
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