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Healthcare Marketers’ Secret Weapon: The Phone

“Outstanding example of how an “old school” marketing tool can be effective in procuring and retaining customers. In our experience, this success applies to other industries beyond healthcare as well.“ - Bill Kerth, Movere Teleservices Laura Forer wrote the following article for MarketingProfs. Exceptional infographic showing how Healthcare marketers meet the challenge of their customers and how…
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Google Smart Campaigns: The Newest Way to Be Smart with Pay-Per-Click

"Utilizing automated campaign building technology, Smart Campaigns from Google Ads sounds like it may be a game changer for SMB’s." - Mark Ingraham, Image Perspective Jason Linde wrote the following article for Impact. Following the rebranding of Google AdWords earlier in July, Google introduced their first new solution under the brand called Smart Campaigns. The beauty of…
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Your Cameras Were Hacked? It’s YOUR Fault!

"If your security cameras are connected to the internet they can be hacked as easily as any other device. Proper installation and diligence in security are critical to keeping out unwanted viewers and your other networks safe as well." - Todd Hepler, Digitek Security Tom Cook wrote the following article for Security Today. IP cameras are connected to…
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